2023 Rules and Scoring for Racers

In 2023 we will 7 races. This may change and the scoring will be adjusted accordingly. The series will run from March to October. For the overall series championship you must complete a minimum of 3 races but your points from your best 4 races will count towards your total score.

Again with the current 7 races in the series, the top 4 races count towards your overall point total. There is a 3 race minimum to be considered a series champion.

Should an event be canceled for any reason the Series Director may need to adjust the scoring system.

If we have additional races that will add to the series, the numbers may be adjusted as well. A notice will be posted on the NMORS website if this occurs.


The series standings will be calculated according to these categories. Note that individual races may combine categories for podium standings / logistics, but your results will still be reported according to these categories for the series.


If Juniors share the same course and race start as the adult racers, they will be scored in their Junior group and category.

However, if a race offers a separate course or race start for Junior racers, a racer may elect to do the adult course instead of the Junior race – if so, the racer will not be scored in the Junior category for series standings for that event.


One gear, one group, one category


  • 1st = 25 points
  • 2nd = 22
  • 3rd = 19
  • 4th = 16
  • 5th = 14
  • 6th = 12
  • 7th = 10
  • 8th = 8
  • 9th = 7
  • 10th = 6
  • 11th = 5
  • 12th = 4
  • 13th = 3
  • 14th = 2
  • greater than or equal to 15th = 1

The NMORS point’s standings will be updated regularly throughout the 2022 racing season. They will be kept on Webscorer. There will be a link from the NMORS website to Webscorer.

Proper race results reporting is necessary to make sure the results are correct. Please follow the outline of results reporting exactly.

Racer Responsibility

Racers are responsible to use the exact same name, DOB and USAC # in every race in the series to make sure there are no duplicates. Please remind racers about using the exact same name throughout the series, Webscorer uses the racer name as the primary data field. Racers who change categories midseason are not eligible to carry forward points earned in the initial category to the final category.

Tie-breaking Procedure

In case of a tie in points within the top three places in any category, the rst tie-break is who beat who the most in the series, this includes dropped races and DNF results and then if needed who beat who most recently.

Other Rules

  1. Don’t be a sandbagger, race to your ability.
  2. Racing age for 2023 is racers age as of 12/31/2023.
  3. Racers must use exactly the same demographic information for each race.
  4. Poor sportsmanship, of cial abuse or staff abuse will result in loss of series eligibility.
  5. For individual races the race of cial not the Series Director will settle disputes over rules and results.
  6. The Series Director will settle disputes over series rules and standings.
  7. The 2023 NMORS calendar will be run under USAC Cycling rules. In the event of an actual or perceived conflict between NMORS rules and USAC rules the NMORS Rules apply. In other cases the NMORS Series Director upon being advised of a conflict shall examine the circumstances and resolve the conflict in a way that most promotes fairness and good practice in the operation of the series.
  8. Ride Safely. Ride Well. Most importantly have fun!! That’s a rule.